I’ve seen a couple folks tweet stuff along the lines of “ETH is the internet bond,” which it’s not — but it could be. Below I describe:

(1) What yield curves are and why they matter,

(2) How we could make yield curves for crypto economies, and

(3) A crude…

Heuristics are good for decision-making, because we are bad at making decisions.

In fact, heuristics are better for decision-making than we think they are, because we are biased to think that we are better at decision-making than we actually are.

This, ultimately, is the value of moral codes. Having a…

Let’s hope so.

To frame this conversation, I am not a vegan. Like most people, I just eat meat because I like it.

But veganism is fascinating. It falls into a category of social movements where one side of the debate are morally motivated, passionate warriors for a cause attempting…

Yeah, actually.

People have been making rope, getting high, making food or creating clothes with hemp for about 10,000 years.

Cultivated around 8000 BCE in Mesopotamia, and having spread as far as Asia by 6500 BCE it was one of the original, and until the nineteenth century one of the…

An Introduction

Sea an·chor (/sē ˈaNGkər/) noun: an object dragged in the water from the bow of…

It’s easy to pretend that people who believe in something different than ourselves don’t actually believe it. It’s significantly more difficult, mentally, to try to put yourself wholly in their frame of mind — to stretch your perspective on the world until their beliefs and actions make sense…

How to Eat a Word Salad

What do electrons look like?

This question is made up of words, and probably (to you) seems to have meaning. You probably feel that you know what I’m trying to ask, even if you don’t have a clear answer. But, some of the folks who have spent the most time thinking about words would find…

Alan Keegan


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